Hello! My name is

James An.

This is my portfolio!

[email protected]
Toronto, Canada


As with previous iterations of my portfolio website, this version became an experiment with HTML5, CSS3, and the challenges of coping with cross-browser compatibility issues. Midway through, I refactored the HTML/CSS code into Jekyll, “a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby”.1 Since the site uses client-side code exclusively, it’s being hosted on Github, which supports publishing to the Internet (using Jekyll) by simply pushing content to a Github-hosted repository.

Aside from the semantically improved markup and sparingly used CSS3, the site uses Javascript and jQuery to smooth the user experience. The stylesheets also includes renditions for mobile devices, modifying the site’s look and feel depending on the size of the browser viewport.

Internally, the site uses the Liquid template system (Ruby) that comes with Jekyll and Markdown for most of its pages.