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James An.

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Toronto, Canada

Citizen Engineer

Citizen Engineer is a engineering student group at the University of Toronto. The goal is “to encourage and educate students, enabling them to help others to work towards effective and efficient public policy”. 1

As part of the founding executive team, I designed and developed the original website. Initially also hosted on my servers using nginx, this Drupal 6 site was subsequently moved to servers managed by the Engineering Society (EngSoc), the student government representing engineering students, who offers web hosting for all engineering campus groups. As part of an evolving EngSoc plan to make web hosting more accessible, the Citizen Engineer website was subsequently ported to Wordpress to conform with the official support of Wordpress by EngSoc.

The Drupal platform was selected to allow multiple administrators the ability to manage event listings, upload photos for past events, and eventually support an online forum to discuss policy matters from an engineering perspective. The forum was never implemented before the Drupal site was retired in favour of Wordpress.