Hello! My name is

James An.

This is my portfolio!

[email protected]
Toronto, Canada

Temple Of Doom

Temple of Doom is an incomplete game prototype for the Game Prototype Challenge, Version 4 (GPCv4). The GPC is a monthly, week-long, open challenge announced mainly through Twitter to developers to create a game prototype around two keywords or themes.1 The GPCv4 themes were burden and sunshine.

The initial (and unreleased) game design was a 3D tower building simulation inspired by the Tower of Babel myth, developed in the Unity IDE. The design quickly became unwieldy and mathy for the short week-long timeframe, and the idea was largely abandoned.

The second attempt is the current prototype, a 2D tower-building simulation built using HTML5’s canvas element and Javascript/jQuery. The project is hosted by Google Code in a SVN repository.